Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Better Late then never

I wrote this one June 3rd and never posted it. Oops

For the first time Ever in Sophia’s little life she came into my room and asked to sleep in my bed. At first I was slightly annoyed because Matthew had just woke me up on his trip to bed, (opening the loudest door on the face of the earth, doing a flip/summer sault into bed while holding a flash light shined directly onto my face and then adjusting the himself and the blankets to get everything just right like his life depended on it..)

But then I remembered Sophia was never a co-sleeper, so this would be nice.
I mean, when she was tiny she slept with me but when she was only a few months old (maybe 6 months) she went into her crib because she slept better there.
Emma, however, slept in my bed until she was 3. 

So Sophia came in and said “Can I lay here” and snuggled up next to me. She apparently brought her baby space heater with her because holy crap it was hot once she got there. She also kept touching her feet to my leg which drives me mental at night time. I kept scooching over and would slide the blanket between my leg and her feet and not 1 minutes later here comes those sneaky feet … seriously kid, stop touching my legs! 

I also have to mention at  1am while you are looking at your sweet baby snuggled up next to you and your heart is about to burst with joy and love….. the darkness starts to do crazy things.
Sophia’s face started to morph into alien like craziness. I was not sure if her eyes were open or closed. “Is she looked at me right now? Is my soul safe?” At one point I got pretty spooked and had to talk myself into not running away.  “This is your daughter; it is only the darkness making her look strange your eyes are playing tricks on you. This is NOT an imposter child who is waiting until you fall asleep to murder you. Nor is this a case of an alien stealing her body”
I’m not gunna lie, I was tempted to go check her bed to make sure the real Sophia was not sound asleep there.  After I talked myself off the crazy train I started to get comfortable and fall asleep and then Sophia rolled over and used her right elbowed to attack my eye socket. And her left hand to smack my face. :/

 Waking up in the morning was nice, Getting out of bed grabbing my work clothes and hearing over my shoulder “Mom!?” In the little kid sleepy voice of hers. I told her to go back to sleep and she laid back down snuggled up under the blanket and looked so tiny and cute.
I guess all the scariness was worth it for that one moment of heart exploding cuteness

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm a little to Irish.

 Apparently I am just a tad bit to Irish to live anywhere with sunlight.

I walk outside even with SPF 5000 and I still start to sizzle. I'm sure anyone standing near by can hear it.  A few weekends ago Emma had a girl scout camp day and I slathered on a sunscreen and still got a stupid sunburn and again today.

I was going to make a comment about how I need to live somewhere completely cloud covered HOWEVER. When I went to NH  in November I was in dense  woods and it was a cloudy day I still left with a sunburn. Are you kidding me??!

Please NASA, I'm begging you, blow up the sun.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Renting this apartment above my mother has it's advantages. HOWEVER, I really miss having a bathtub.
We have only a stand up shower and it's great if you want to save the planet... because who wants to stand up in the shower for an hour, and how relaxing can standing in a foggy mini jail be?.. But who wants to save the planet when it comes to filling up a tub with a ridiculous amount of water, basically a mini swimming pool. At least 3 times a week. 

I used to do all my reading for my classes in the tub. That might be TMI, but seriously, it was the only place I didn't have someone using my face as a pillow or catipulting over or onto me. It's also nice not hearing MOM! MOMMY! MOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! (Do they not know they have a dad? Come on!).

I mean realistically, I should blame this apartment completely for making me fall behind in my class.

Can I pass in a note from my landlord to the professor, it's possible she will understand. right?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day!

Woke up this morning and could not see out of my bedroom window (On the second floor) The snow drift from the roof below it was so tall. We also could not get out our front door.

After it stopped blizzarding outside and the sun came out Emma and I bundled up and went out to check out the awesomeness. The snow banks out front came up to my waist and Emma could barely move. SO FUN!
We slid down the stairs, fell into snow and started to shovel out. only it was no use and BORING! So we woke Matt up. Him and Sophia joined us.

The snow walls the snow blower made were so cool for the kids. And the night before we set up the jungle gym with a tarp over it hopeing it would make a useable sturdy igloo.. Since the snow was not wet enough it didn't stick as well as we hoped but still fun.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I did not intend to be away so long

It's been over a year since I wrote in here. whoa. I never intended to be away so long but every time I thought about witting something I either was at a loss for words or I found myself doing something else instead.

I start a new job on Monday at QCC in the financial aid department. I'm not gunna lie I am nervous for sure. I'm still taking classes full time. The good news is though that I am nearly done with my associates degree. After this semester I only have 3 classes to go and my plan is to finish them this summer.

The girls are amazing. Emma is in first grade now. I'm not sure when that happened. She is an amazing student, she loves school and loves her teachers! She is also in girl scouts and looks forward to those days. We are hoping swim lessons in the summer and then karate and/or dance in the fall.

Sophia is doing great. I'm a little upset I didn't follow through on my gut feeling that something was wrong with her hearing. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because we are taking the right steps now but it sucks knowing that this could have been dealt with a lot sooner.
She is starting speech therapy on Monday and will have surgery March 1st.

Good things are happening in the Greenwood house.