Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can you hear me? Over.

Matt bought Emma walkie talkies a few months ago. And for the past few days Emma and I have been playing with them. These walkie talkies are so great. We live on the second floor and I had to go to the basement to get laundry last night, Emma told me to being my walkie with me when i went down there. I didn't think they would work but all of a sudden I head "Mom, are you okay?". I was so suprised!! and it was so cute.

I figured I would take advantage of these great toys. I and I told Emma she could keep one in bed with her and I would keep the other. This way if she got scared or needed some crazy demand met she wouldn't have to get out of bed. (this is great because she will find any reason to get up and walk around)
Little did I know it would add to the list of my favorite memories.

Me- Emma, can you hear me?.
Emma-  Yes mom
Me- Love you, goodnight.
Emma- Mom, I love you more then hershey kisses.
Me- I love you more then Ice cream.
Emma- I love you more then horses.

Horses??? that one made me laugh.
Em is so friggin cute I can't even take it!

First thing this morning too I hear my walkie ring and Emma's sleepy voice "Mom, I'm awake, are you awake?"  <3 <3 <3

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