Friday, March 8, 2013


Renting this apartment above my mother has it's advantages. HOWEVER, I really miss having a bathtub.
We have only a stand up shower and it's great if you want to save the planet... because who wants to stand up in the shower for an hour, and how relaxing can standing in a foggy mini jail be?.. But who wants to save the planet when it comes to filling up a tub with a ridiculous amount of water, basically a mini swimming pool. At least 3 times a week. 

I used to do all my reading for my classes in the tub. That might be TMI, but seriously, it was the only place I didn't have someone using my face as a pillow or catipulting over or onto me. It's also nice not hearing MOM! MOMMY! MOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! (Do they not know they have a dad? Come on!).

I mean realistically, I should blame this apartment completely for making me fall behind in my class.

Can I pass in a note from my landlord to the professor, it's possible she will understand. right?

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