Friday, December 10, 2010

You're such a great mom... just don't do that.

I get lots of comments on how well behaived and adjusted my girls are, and how happy they are.
But when My parenting skills are broken down,I get lots of crap about the way I raise my children.

I'll go over the most recently criticized:
Lets start with the co-sleeping...
Emma was in my bed since the first day we brought her home until she was almost 3. And Sophia is there now. I have a perfectly good crib set up in my room for her (as i did with Emma) and she does use it from time to time. But I can't lie, I like having her right next to me. And she likes being there. She sleeps a lot better when she's with me. I hear "oh my gosh, I can't believe your daughter sleeps through the night already" ... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that shes right next to me.
I hear, its a bad habit, she will never leave.I once had a cousin tell me "No child ever goes to college still sleeping in their parents bed" and that what I tell everyone when they start questioning me. When it's time for her to move into her own room and own bed she will. In the mean time, I'm going to cherish these times that I have with her, it will NEVER be like this again. Everyday that passes is a day gone.

The second thing is the way I feed my baby. Strictly bottle fed until 6 months. (yeup, I didn't breastfeed and hey, we're okay with that) She doesn't need the other foods until then and agian, im in no rush for my baby to grow up.After 6 months, then one new thing a week. It was pea's last week, and this week is carrots. Next week maybe we'll try green beans.
I need to make sure my daughter is not allergic to anything and if she is I need to know what specifically.
Also, nope, Emma doesn't drink juice or Soda. Its Milk (regular, strawberry or chocolate) or water. She never even tried juice until she was probably close to 2. And even then I watered it down. Its very sugary and really, what is the point? If she enjoys her milk and water then why add juice to the mix. Now Occasionally we have the V8 fruit smoothies in the house and she will drink the light pink version of it, and yes she has had koolaid before. But they aren't every day occurrences, and she is perfectly fine.

I also let me daughter watch TV, we have TV on almost constantly. Sure maybe we shouldn't. But we aren't always just glued to the TV we do crafts and games and read it's just background noise. She watches educational stuff, she watches movies in other language (by choice (mainly Japanese)) but we also watch iCarly and Spongebob. And Emma LOVES spongebob. I love spongebob. We also watch everything Tim Burton (she LOVES IT) My daughter knows right from wrong she also knows what she is allowed to say and what she is not allowed to say. That's what I am their for, to teach and correct her should she do or say something wrong.

We have kept our children away from toxic people, and gotten lots of crap for that. But our children are our children and we will raise them how we see fit. Matt and I can choose the people who influence their lives right now Sorry if that bothers you. Its as simple as following our rules regarding our girls. Please understand and accept this and we will be fine.

I'm not saying the way I raise my kids is the right way, but it is however the right way for us, for now anyway.
My Emma is caring and funny and independent and LOVES her sister and her daddy and me. She is sooo smart. She's also so well behaved. (she does have her moments... or days, but who doesn't)
My So-see is such a happy baby. She lights up anytime she seems Emma or her daddy or me. The only time she really cries is when she is over tired. Other then that, smiles, almost always.

So when people try to tell me I'm doing something wrong, or I need to change my ways I just look at my two WONDERFUL little girls and know that everything I am doing is the right thing for us.
When it really comes down to it, no one elses opinion should matter when it comes to your own little family. Who cares if someone doesn't approve that you let or don't let you child watch Looney toons.  That they sleep in their bed or yours. That they drink juice or not.

I just say follow your mommy gut and you can't go wrong!

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  1. We co-sleep, my kids only drink milk and water. NO JUICE, NO SODA. I introduced foods the same way to Kyle and Hailey. The TV is ALWAYS on in our house for background noise. I keep toxic people out of my life and hence the lives of my children....there was one circumstance that was different (on that subject) but I did make the right choice in having THAT person in their lives, and now our relationship is great too =) So whoever is judging you can judge me too. They probably aren't even a parent!