Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lets get physical

I had a physical on Wednesday. Oddly enough I had been looking forward to going. I wanted to get to the bottom on my exhaustion. And before you start to tell me its just because I'm a mom of two kids. That is not the reason. I sleep through the night (on most nights). Yes I work until 12:30am but my girls don't get up until 8ish sometimes 9 in I'm super lucky. But as little as an hour after I would wake up I'd start to feel tired exhausted.
I would down RedBull like it was my job, and still start to doze off at red lights.
So at my apointment I brought it up to the Doc. I figured they would just tell me my Vitamin D was low. So they drew blood and told me to call on Monday if I hadn't heard back. Well this morning (Thursday) I got a call bright and early at 8:30. -- Thanks Doc for calling so early, I told you only YESTERDAY! that I was tired every day of my life lately so its cool that you wanna wake me up before my kids. Thanks!. and Thank you Verizon for adding that amazingly awesome 'ignore' button that I will love for the rest of my life.
I called back and spoke to the Doc around 9:45.
Good News, My liver, kidney and all that jazz are functioning superbly, just as they should. Kudos to you liver and kidneys. My Cholesterol is perfect! Thank you.... whatever controls that.

And eff off Thyroid!!

Apparently my thyroid is all messed up, which is great because before I got pregnant with Soph I had some blood work done and they checked my thyroid, it was functioning perfectly. But I guess it wanted some recognition because I guess I was neglecting it and taking it for granted.
Hello thyroid... I notice you now!

Also my Viatamin D is Rock bottom as well.
So I have to start taking prescription Vit D 2 times a week until we raise that up to an acceptable level.
And my thyroid meds I will have to take daily and she said I will most likely be on them for the rest of my life given the family history of thyroid issues.

On the bright side, once the dosage is all figured out I will be able to lose weight again and it won't be a losing battle. AND I will get my energy back.
I can't even begin to describe to anyone how tired I have been...maybe If you could imagine a time when you were at your most tired and multiply that times five, add two kids into it, school for you and your kid, work and errands/chores... that's probably pretty close to how I've been.

Normally I put off things like physicals and dentist cleaning for myself because I just don't have time. but I'm glad that I went. I even went and made myself a dentist check up today!!

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