Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Steps.

I can not believe that Emma is starting Kindergarten on Monday.
I'm not really ready for this.

I mean, yeah she did preschool last year but it was only 3 days a week. AND i drove her and picked her up.
But she is taking the bus! I'm already a nervous wreck!

She is so excited though! And I'm happy for that. I hope she keeps up her love for school for a long time. And I'm thankful I have at least one kid who completely depends on me, well at least for a few more years.

Emma is only going for a half days,but its hard to let her go, and realize that my little baby is growing up, a lot faster then I'm ready for.

However, while Emma is in school it will give me time to work out while Sophia naps. So thats good. I've lost 12lbs, strictly by dieting. And by dieting I mean Eating less and eating better.
 So working out will be great.. I wanna be less Jello like. and also 30 lbs lighter.


  1. Don't blink! You'll miss too much :(

    And its good your positive

    And. I find it ironic you don't subscribe to any label, but there are labels at the end of the blog :)

  2. Kindergarten is freaking me out, too. How do they get to five years old so fast? (five-and-a-half, technically.)

    Is Em going to South Grafton??? My niece, Myena, is going there. Maybe they'll be friends!

    And hooray for dieting and exercise! I need to get my overly large butt in gear in this aspect. 12 pounds is A LOT! Good for you, mama! =]