Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been so long, so heres a crappy post.

It has been FOREVER! since I last wrote in here. There has been so much to happen and I always think about writing but I never actually sit down to do it.
To be honest signing into the blog made me think of the last time I signed in. And I didn't want to think of it really.

So lets focus on good things! We got a bunny, Adagio. He is awesome. Sophia terrorizes him! she tries to sit on him, and corner him so she can pat him, hard. He just takes it tho. Such a good bun bun.

Um what else. I got engaged... wait, what?? YES! 11-11-11 at 11:11pm. = awesome.

I spend so much time on my computer planning the wedding. writting notes, being an obsessive maniac.
I bought my dress. i LOVE IT! We have the date set, the place picked.

The Greenwood Marron house had a great Christmas. The girls had so much fun!! I think next year will be even better for the girls because Sophia will understand the whole Santa thing.

I think now that i've got over the hump of signing into this account, maybe I can write something with more substance later.

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