Monday, January 16, 2012


I find myself being so incredibly  bored these days.
A typical week day, we wake up at 730, Emma is on the bus at 8:30, I play with Soph until 10 she naps until 12 when Emma gets home. Lunch. Then a whole lot of nothing until Dinner time then baths and bedtime at 7.
Weekends are much of the same.
I don't feel like doing crafts because 1 they are messy and 2 Sophia either will make a HUGE mess and I will chase her around with her fingers covered in paint. OR she will want NOTHING to do with it and just bug/hit/pull Emmas hair.
They will play with Emmas new doll house by themselves for a long time. And I do a whole lot of nothing.

We are down to one car so I don't always have the option to go somewhere. and that REALLY sucks.

I'm looking forward to my classes starting. but I wish I had a part time night or weekend job.

I know i'm doing a lot of complaining but OMG! I'm so BORED! today was the WORST more boring day EVER!    I really need a hobby and my girls need something fun to do.

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