Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Emma never has to go back to school agian right?

Here's a little story of my most embarrassing mommy moment... which happened a few minutes ago.

 I had to go to Emma's school to drop her off and I brought Sophia with me since Matt is at work, though this isn't an uncommon occurrence. 
So Emma is in line (because she always has to be the first one) and I'm letting Sophia walk around holding onto my hand, some teachers start stampeding through the call and I wanted to move Sophia so I  pick her up and she decides to pick up my shirt with her!... soo that was great, everyone just got a free show, and I wasn't even wearing my good bra.. damn it.
After refusing to make eye contact with anyone, praying that by some grace of God there was a tiny explosion, or someones kid spontaneously combusted and everyone looked away from me and my ridiculously cute child in that moment, I put Sophia down and we are walking again. I was also swinging her and she was having a grand time, but I was hoping for time to speed up so I could run out of there, But as luck would have it right as the teachers come out to get the kids I pick up Soph so we can high tail it the eff out of there  wave bye to Emma  and Sophia pukes EVERYWHERE!!!
And of course this is one of the few times I didn't bring any baby gear so i have nothing to clean it up with... So I'm standing there like a pukey moron, red faced and horrified.

To say the least, I never want to go back.... I wonder if Emma knows the way to walk home.

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