Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long awaited update!

I have not had much to write about these past weeks.  A lot of stress and crazyness and no one wants to hear that!
However, we have had a bit of fun in the mean time, we went bowling for Emma's first time with my friend Jaime and her daughter Jordan. It was lots of fun and I look forward to doing it again, even though Jaime beat everyone!! and Emma's score wasn't far behind mine haha.

I've been inspired to be healthier. So we were (and i say were because since the girls have been sick thats all fallen off track) trying to make healthier meals, more fruits and veggis, Homemade stuff father then pre packaged. Useing better ingredients. I've been doing lots of reading and found a few blogs that I am now stalking. One really fun one is  If you have kids it is a must check out.

We were also inspired by my cousin Karen to start family walks. The girls love it. Emma took her magnifying glass along to investigate bugs.
Agian tho, the sickness has put those plans to bed for awhile.

We went to the annual Marron family Easter party (hosted by my grandpa and grandma Elaine). The girls had fun even though Soph was a big under the weather.

We will be moving back to Grafton next month and everyone is very excited! This apartment has sucked so bad and our new place is very promising. PLUS we will be closer to Emmas best friend!! YAY! Lots of out door fun this summer I can see already!

Here are some pictures!

                                                          Emma and Jordan

I love them!!!

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  1. Yay a bloggy mention!!!!! LOL. Glad you girls are gettin' out =) I think some sunshine will make everyone feel better...when we get sun =) See you guys next week!