Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reading and working out.

I have been reading lots of things these past few weeks, maybe months. (i sorta lose track of time), Mainly its been about food and health. There is so many things about food that I have learned, I have a plethora of new recipes I want to try as well.
I've learned a lot about trans fat .....and that the process of makeing  prepackaged deli meat included ammonia. YUM!
I find myself reading labels a lot more to see whats in food I am buying instead of just throwing it in my cart because its just something we've always gotten, I take time to find the better item.
There are lots of little things we have an will be changing in this household to make our lives healthier.
It will be baby steps, seeing as how Emma is against anything that isn't chocolate cereal, peanut butter, chicken nuggets or pop-tarts. But we will get there. ( I hope)

I'm not sure how much of this I will blog about, but hopefully I will get motivated to start writing in here again.

Also, as of yesterday I started working out again, A bit of cardio, strength trainning (okay that part was very little) and a bit of Yoga.... I'm a lot stretchy-er then I thought I was, considering that my ass has grown about 2 sizes over the last year and okay I won't blame it on my thyroid completely, those cheesy bread sticks might have had a part in all of this. Damn you delicious bread sticks.

I also realized just how incredibly hard it is to work out with my  monsters   children around. I had Emma screaming for me in her room every 5 seconds for some ridiculous demand or to tell me some crazy story that would take a normal person 5 seconds to spit out but it takes Emma 3 minutes. and right when I was in the middle of my cardio, Sophia woke up and wouldn't stop yelling. So I took her out of her swing and after that she was trying to run me over. I got 30 minutes in and I'm hoping for more today. But we shall see.

I just know there needs to be a change, in myself and in this house. We all need to be more active and more health conscious. 

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  1. You sound a lot like me, lady.
    I went health nut right after Bella was born, but after I lost a gajillion pounds I kind of lost it. I've been researching A LOT about being healthier. The stuff we eat is pretty disgusting. Ammonia in prepackaged lunch meat?! - didn't know that one! Augh.

    I feel ya on the working out thing. We have a Kinect and this great exercise game - and I've only been able to use it like 3 times since Charlotte was born. Everyone's so needy around here! hahaha.

    And the little kid stories! Bella will literally talk for 15 minutes about something that only warranted a 2 minute conversation. It's ridiculous. hahaha.

    Good luck to ya! =]