Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cupcake debacle

We got Emma a cupcake a few weeks ago, I don't remember the occasion. Maybe because she was extra good that day, or maybe just because that cupcake was SO CUTE!! It was Bright Pink with a beach theme and 2 star fish on top with a beach umbrella.

Anywho Emma enjoyed the heck out of this cupcake. but of course didn't finish all of it, because well there was a lot to this cupcake. Probably close to 20 lbs of bright pink frosting. So in the trash the cupcake carcass went.

About 10 minutes later we find this.

Okay so really what we found was a bit worse then that, because it was all over her, her clothes and the floor.

My monster is a dumpster diver, I should have known better.

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