Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dumb mommy thoughts.

So as much as I love my two girls and I cant actaually function without them.
In fact I wont even go to the store unless one or both of them go with me. Its weird to be walking around without my kids... who do I talk to other then myself??
I have gone a few times, and I still squeeze past people and say "excuse us".... and realize there is no us, just me. and this Me looks like a crazy person..

However with all my ability to handle with great ease my two crazy girls, and i do mean crazy. I still have a ridiculous fear bringing them to places such as the EcoTarium, or Aquarium, or anyone ium you can think of by myself, without backup, or another set of eyes, and ears for the matter because Emma likes to talk mine right off.
I'm scared I will lose one of them in a crowd, or the littlest monster will take off in the opposite direction. and lord knows shes impossible fast with those short little legs. Or Emma will want to do something Sophia can't and then I have to stay back with Sophia while Emma is alone. No good.

In a familiar or fenced in area I'm able to manage both my girls with ease, but I start to freak out that i'm going to fail at my mommy duty  at one of said ium places...

So instead of going and trying, I don't go and we all suffer for it.
That's super lame. 

And as i write this I realize how stupid it is.

* I should note while writing this, Sophia took a face dive over the arm of our living room chair and rolled onto her head. she is insane.


  1. Y'know, I've been thinking the same thoughts. Mostly about making the big girl do stuff alone, or not letting her do it at all because she CAN'T do it alone. I feel horrible, because I want so badly to be able to do things with them during the day, but I've got no backup. =/

  2. ps. that's exactly why my answer was "maybe" about the discovery museums on Friday. We can be each others extra set of eyes/ears/noses/whatever? haha.