Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Sophia,

Dear Sophia,

Remember a time when I'd lay your head on my heart and your feet didn't stretch down to my knees?
Let's go back to that.

Tonight I was looking at you and your chubby cheeks and I was day dreaming about where you and those cheeks might go and who you might be. 
If you are anything like your dad you will be incredibly intelligent and have a way with words that can knock someone off their feet or bring a smile to their face.
And if your anything like your sister, you will have the biggest heart and feel for everyone. You will also have a wonderful curiosity and imagination and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
And maybe you'll also be a little like me and be stubborn and not take no for an answer and never let people walk all over you. But hopefully you will learn when to not be so stubborn and when 'No' sometimes is the best answer. (I'm still trying to learn these things)

I can't wait to find out what your favorite color is. What your favorite food will be. Or to see what your favorite food to wear might be.
But I really miss your littleness and your snugglyness. I know you want to explore and investigate. But please stop rushing me through this.


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