Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OB Oh my

 So when I got pregnant with Sophia I needed to find a new OB since my PCP no longer did prenatal care. Wasn't a big deal. I called up and asked for the first available doctor (because I'm neurotic and need to be seen a.s.a.p even know I know perfectly well they won't see me until I'm 13 weeks). I was informed it would be Dr. Manning and "he's just great, you will love him."
If you know me at all you can probably guess what comes next.. Yeup, I stalked. I Google'd. I found out everything I could on him. I mean if your gunna be all up in my goodies I gotta know a little bit about you.... only normal right?
After a few meetings and being hospitalized I figure he's a good guy, kinda nerdy but knowledgeable and caring. I was a happy content patient.

But then out of no where my pregnant unconscious mind decided to fuck with my perfectly happy life and throws me into an uncalled for sex dream with my OB..... ooooh great.

So now every time I go see him I get nervous, like he KNOWS about my dream. Like I'm going to be laying there spread eagle and he's going to pop his head up over the sheet and go "So, about that dream.. was it a little like this"  *Que porn music*