Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crabby Mommy Monster strikes Tokyo!

I have been out of work on leave for a week now, and date to return is TBD And I am going CRAZY!
I find myself to be super short with the girls, and then I'm mad at myself at the end of the day when I sit down and think "I'm a giant crazy monster"
I never realized how important work was in my life, not for the sake of the job, because lets face it.... my job kinda sucks. It's boring, mind numbing work. The only challenge I face is will I be able to sit through this 6 to 8 hour shift without wanting to blow my brains out.
And I can hear some of you already "why don't you get a new job".
Well my dear readers let me tell you why.. Actually I just wrote that out and it totally derails this lets disregard that and leave it for another post.

Even tho my job sucks, I miss it. in an "i-must-be-so-out-of-my-mind-its-disgusting" sort of way.  But I need interaction with humans other then the preschool/non-verbal baby type. I get excited when we run out of milk! So I get to go to the store.. for those of you who were unaware.
I must say this wouldn't be so hard on me if it were the summer time, When I can go outside an enjoy the nice weather.
But winter is cold and snow is even colder and wetter. I'm not a fan. Neither is Sophia. Emma is sometimes. So we don't get out much and it does not help that we don't have a yard... and the little plot of land they like to refer to as a yard is unusable thanks to the inconsiderate dog owners in out building. Thanks guys!!

I dislike being a crabby mommy monster. But in my defense. It doesn't help that my neck/left shoulder blade/back/chest area has been in increasing pain since Jan 1st.

Hopefully I will get some relief and a much needed break and be back to my normal not so crabby self.

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