Monday, January 10, 2011


Recently I read a post on Face book that said "Friendship is a relationship. It doesn't work if only one person cares." and as cheesy as it is, it got me thinking.
I have been a crappy friend lately.
I get mad when my 'friends' don't put forth the effort to maintain a relationship. I know I have kids and some of them don't so hanging out doesn't always sound like fun to them. And I know they have their friends that they go out with, and that's cool. But it would also be nice to hear from them, or get a text from them, I don't think that takes up to much time....
....I realized the things I have been getting mad about, I myself have been guilty of doing. And I seriously need to reevaluate myself... and some of my 'friends'
I need to start putting forth more effort and making time. and I'd expect the same from my friends.
I need to stop wasteing time on dead relationships and nurture the ones that are still here the ones that even tho i disapper without warning sometimes they are always there and always trying to make me come around aigan.
To you guys, Thank you.

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