Lots of people told me that having Sophia would turn Emmas world upside down. (including my dad) Since she had been an only child for so long she would hate having to shair the attention with a new baby that she wouldn't really like because it was also another girl.
They told me that having the two girls would be very hard.
My family is simply amazing.
Emma LOVES Sophia, more then any big sister has ever loved a little sister. Since day 1. Emma has always been right there for Soph, always wanting to be around her make sure she is included. If someone is playing with Sophia and they are having fun, Emma will go see whats going on and enjoy watching and then go back to what she was doing. There is no jealousy what do ever. Sometimes she will join in. She always makes sure her little sister is taken care of.
And Sophia. LOVES her big sister. As soon as Emma walks into the room Sophia lights up and starts to giggle and babble.
Sophia has been saying "Em ma" forever. We laughed at first because we thought it was a funny accident, but she keet doing it. I'm not so sure it is just a happy accident
My two girls are inseperable.
I remember the first time Emma was going to Grandpa's after Sophia was born and when she found out Sophia wasnt going to be staying and it was just her, she cried and cried because she didnt want her sister to be without her. :)
I hope their bond lasts forever.
And I hope any more children we may have are excepted just the same way by both Emma and Sophia .