Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauty is pain.

So it's summer, and summer means shorts... or in my case, just shorter pants. I will not be seen in a pair or shorts thank you very much. That means I need to actually shave my beastly legs and keep things under control. I remember in High School I could shave my legs on a Monday and not need to shave them agian until the following monday... Thank you very much having children which changed everything about my body.
Now, I'm like Santa clause. I shave my legs, and by the time I'm done rinsing them off I have a tropical rain Forrest that needs to be chopped down. (* This may or may not be an exaggeration for better reading) 
So I decided to use Nair, which incase your unfamiliar, basically burns the hair off after you apply some awful smelling lotion, but a lot less work for me and seems to last a bit longer then just chopping the hair down.
Only this time I thought I was killing two birds with one stone and by doing my underarms I would be saving time and money by cutting my shower time down.

I applied the nair to my pits first. and all was well.
Then I started applying to my legs and my pits started to burn, but I thought its just because the skin wasnt used to it but all would be fine and I had to finish my legs and let them marinate for 3 minutes before jumping in the shower.
By the time those 3 minutes were up, my arm pits were on FIRE, Actaully I should be truthful. Only one was on fire. Clearly I have a pit that is strong as nails and on that wants to go crying to its mommy at the first sign of battle. Wimp.

I shower and wash all the hell fire off my underarms and even the water is hurting the pansy pit.
I thought if I let it sleep it sleep it off it might grow some balls or man up.

No luck.
This morning it still hurts. I'm scared to put deoderant on.
But how's am I supposed to teach it that Beauty is Pain!?!

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