Sunday, June 12, 2011

Emma Rose

Emma turned 5 years old!

How crazy!! My once little baby is now a real human being with real thoughts and a real personality with a real attitude problem.
We did a small family thing on her actual birthday after she got out of school.First she opened presents, then went to Ihop because she really wanted 'special birthday pancakes', (which she talked about for a week straight).We went to get ice cream then came home and played outside with bubbles! It was a nice low key day.

Then came the party. And it was a blast.
It took us awhile to pick a theme for her party, she kept changing her mind, first it was Dinosaurs. Then it was fashion. And Finally we settled on Alice in Wonderland, Which I got REALLY excited about.
She wanted to have her party at Pump It up. So my decorating options were limited, I guess that's a good thing because I could have gone crazy with this idea.
Her Cake more then made up for the lack of decorations.

A bunch of kids from her preschool class came, some friends and cousins.
Everyone had such a good time. Even Sophia who was to young to bounce on anything.


I'm so glad that Emma had such a great day, However I would be happy if these birthdays were not every year, this growing up thing.... not workin for me.

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