Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sophia Jane

Alright. This one was hard for me. Although I think first birthdays always are.
There was a lot of drama for Emmas first birthday, and this year felt like a repeat for Sophia. So on top of feeling sad that my baby isn't a baby anymore. I had to deal with that, and know that both my girls even though they would never remember had awful events surrounding their first birthday.

That aside, we celebrated as a family. Ihop for a late breakfast Which Sophia loved because it was the first time she had eggs! I didn't have my camera so I didn't get any pictures which is unfortunate. While we were there just about everyone who walked by our table stopped to tell the girls just how beautiful and wonderful they were. And we could hear people at tables close by talking about the girls. It made my heart swell. okay okay maybe I let it go to my head just a bit, I mean they are MY kids and obviously get their great looks and charm from ME. 
After a short Nap at home for So-so we went off to Westford to the butterfly place. Which to be honest, not worth the 31$. It was cool though. As soon as we got in there Emma sorta freaked out, because as cute as butterflies are from a distance. NOT so cute when they are all up in your grill.
One almost immediately landed on Sophias belly. I wasn't able to snap a photo because I was busy trying to save the butterfly from an untimely crushing, pulling, de-winging death. Other then that, Sophia didnt give a crap there there were a bajillion flying colorful creatures swirling around her. She wanted to try to destroy leaves and flowers and run into other kids knocking them down. Did I mention my child is a monster?

We went out to dinner and then back home to let a very sleepy 1 year old relax after a day that was very busy for her short little legs.

Her Party has not happened yet, but I am very excited about it.

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